Surely the current euphoria around ICO's isn't sustainable for much longer? 

It's refreshing to see a healthy dose of realism being reported around the otherwise overhyped Blockchain market.

Blockchain solves the double-spend problem, which is only a problem for digital tokens such as cryptocurrencies (and not for digital assets or digital representations of physical assets). It is also not a distributed platform as many claim (the "D" in DLT as some prefer to call the technology), but a massively replicated ledger, and to enforce accurate replication - a energy intensive (and wasteful) 'consensus mechanism' is needed to regulate the system.

What other technology has achieved demonstrable and sustained market success and is inefficient by design?

If you ask most Blockchain pundits what the key benefit of the Blockchain protocol they are using is, you'll hear either "Smart Contracts" (read - Automation), or "Decentralisation" (or Distribution). 

Given that Blockchain is not a true Distributed platform (nor an efficient one at that), surely it's time for a highly efficient Automation solution to finally cater for these unaddressed use cases?